Simplifying Your Privacy Compliance Auditing

Do you spend too much time manually auditing your websites?


Jurisdictions have implemented data privacy laws as of January 2021.

Where are your website visitors from? Do you hope being compliant with GDPR is good enough for everywhere?

With Cereus, you can:

Configure audits of your websites for one or more jurisdictions.

Define business rules adjusting how compliance issues are flagged based on the regions you operate in around the world.

Run audits on-demand, on a schedule, or automatically as part of your CI/CD pipeline.

Scan and analyze a webpage for a single jurisdiction in 2 seconds and all 133 jurisdictions in 5 seconds.

Generate a report with an ISACA risk score outlining all of the non-compliance issues right down to the exact line number in the code.

Amend business rules and re-run audits after laws in a jurisdiction change.

Collect evidence and prove you’re doing your best to protect the privacy rights of all of your website visitors.